Do Monster Teeth Come in Bulk?

I’ve come across a confounding conundrum when it comes to a crucial component of my upcoming demogorgon creature costume.

To wit:

This post is brought to you by the letter ‘C…RIPES ON A CRACKER GET IT AWAY’

How the heck am I going to make all those teeth??

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So… Halloween’s Coming Up

I mean. Soon. Soonish.

Someone pointed out to me that I’ve got three whole months before Halloween, lots of time to get ready, oodles. My brain filtered that completely and what I actually heard him say was ‘ONLY THREE MONTHS TO GET READY FOR HALLOWEEN’. At which point my pulse accelerated and my mind immediately raced to plot what yet needs to be done onto the dwindling weeks until the sacred Hallow’d E’en.


And yes, since you ask, I did indeed decide what this year’s costume would be sometime around the second week of February. Really, I could have started sooner.

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Undercover Workouts of the En-Snugged 1: Basic Stretches

I get it. Your bed is cozy, comfortable, soft, soothing, and blissfully billowous. Warm. Seductive. A trap. I know, I’ve been there. But you’re in its soft snare now, and your work out pants are way the heck over there (where it’s cold, for pete’s sake), so what do you do?

Whether you’re extra sleepy or treating yourself or feeling depressed or otherwise ill, you can get moving without even getting up, or even getting out from under the covers!

Seriously. Do a work out in your bed.

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“But it’s gonna be so cool when it’s done!”

I made my first Halloween costume in grade one.

It was craft time in Madam Lavallee’s class and in a fit of inspiration I cobbled together my very own Batman Batsuit out of black construction paper, staples, and orange yarn. The boys in my class laughed when I wore it to show and tell (They said a girl couldn’t be Batman. HA! Obviously I was Batman, the likeness was extraordinary, they were so wrong), but I knew I was going to take it home and reinforce it and it would last forever and be the best costume of all time.

Not Batman at this exact moment. But you can tell, mentally, at all times, I thought I was Batman.

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This Dragon is Currently Under Construction

What an auspiciously inauspicious start.

I feel like this ‘Dragon Under Construction’ symbol is very representative of the whole spirit of this blog: It’s made from a bunch of different bits of questionable compatibility just kind of lumped together; it’s held in place rather fancifully by tape and ropes coming from nowhere (really, what is holding this whole thing up?); it’s reinforced by some frankly sketchy looking support structures … and the image itself is both unfinished and not at all the calibre that I had intended or hoped. I see dozens of things wrong with it that I itch to fix.

It’s perfect!

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