What an auspiciously inauspicious start.

I feel like this ‘Dragon Under Construction’ symbol is very representative of the whole spirit of this blog: It’s made from a bunch of different bits of questionable compatibility just kind of lumped together; it’s held in place rather fancifully by tape and ropes coming from nowhere (really, what is holding this whole thing up?); it’s reinforced by some frankly sketchy looking support structures … and the image itself is both unfinished and not at all the calibre that I had intended or hoped. I see dozens of things wrong with it that I itch to fix.

It’s perfect!

… My degree of sarcasm there is paradoxically both 0% and 1000%.

The original was done as ink on paper, but because I am a troglodyte of no special technological talent, I had to photograph it on my phone — as a PDF because my 4-years-behind-the-curve phone doesn’t have a good camera and the scanner app honestly registered the contrast better — and then converted it to a jpeg in Word (sweardagawd) because this computer has Photoshop somewhere, but I don’t have the brain power at the moment to locate it or recall how to use it.

The original was also completed almost a month ago, but one of the fun things about my particular combo of narcolepsy and anxious distractibility is that I’m frequently cognitively impaired by my own exhaustion. YAY! So I just… posted it. Even though every time I look at how pixilated it got, I physically grimace in discomfort. Even though the sight of the stock background texture is a fresh lemon slice jammed between the teeth of my soul.

But that’s the point, here. To learn to kick my perfectionism into its kennel and lock it up long enough to actually do something, even if it is kinda badly done. To get comfortable enough with putting forth some work that even a s#!t-show is better than no show at all.

The spirit of the Incremental Dragon is present in both the images’s obvious piecemeal symbolism and also in the shoddiness of its technical execution (I used a white nail polish pen instead of correction fluid or, y’know, care), and I’m actually okay with that. Or I’m becoming more okay with that. Either way, I think an imperfect symbol is going to be an appropriate mascot for an equally imperfect endeavour. Really, I can’t tell if this dragon is coming together as if by magic… or flying apart into pieces.

We’ll see how this goes. Wish the dragon and I some luck.


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