I mean. Soon. Soonish.

Someone pointed out to me that I’ve got three whole months before Halloween, lots of time to get ready, oodles. My brain filtered that completely and what I actually heard him say was ‘ONLY THREE MONTHS TO GET READY FOR HALLOWEEN’. At which point my pulse accelerated and my mind immediately raced to plot what yet needs to be done onto the dwindling weeks until the sacred Hallow’d E’en.


And yes, since you ask, I did indeed decide what this year’s costume would be sometime around the second week of February. Really, I could have started sooner.

I like Halloween.
I really like Halloween.
I adore Halloween, more than I adore H.P. Lovecraft’s ridiculous grandiloquent verbage about geometric angles that hurts one’s eyes, and I adore that s#!t like whoa.

So you can comprehend my full meaning when when I say that imagining and planning and creating and bringing to life a wicked Halloween costume? That’s my jam.

Next Halloween.gif
I remember the Halloween costumes I’ve worn over the years more than I remember the actual events of my life. Every one of them was a piece of my tiny young heart made manifest, and every one of them both personified and helped catalyze whatever transformation I was undergoing at that time.

I remember the dreary, deadening realization that the adult world considered me too old for trick or treating. And then later there was the rekindling, resuscitating epiphany that I was now old enough to do and wear whatever the hell I wanted. 

Now Halloween is the closest thing I have to a spiritual holy day, and I’m absolutely stoked — positively atingle — about my next costume.

The idea is a pretty strange thing and I wanted to turn the usual expectations upside down and then turn it up to eleven.

That’s right.


My darling and I were watching this awesome gooey dark gem of a show, and the mystery was building and the weirdness was multiplying … and this idea slowly came over me. Over the months, the notion grew and grew, slowly creeping over me from odd corners. I didn’t think it would be even possible.

… Or if it was possible, it certainly wouldn’t be feasible. Maybe I could do it, but it wouldn’t be easy to pull off. Scratch that, it would be stupidly hard to do right.

It kept dancing around the edges of my mind, though, lurking and hungry … until I finally gave in and poked it.

I made contact. And the idea devoured my brain.

I knew then what I was going to be for Halloween this year.

The drawings came pouring out of me. Lists of needed materials, shapes and configurations, untried and experimental construction methods. I immediately started searching for foam and pricing fabric paints and tracking down what can only be described as a lycra spandex party unitard stretch-onesie.

You heard me. A stretch-onesie.


It’s going to be f^%ing awesome.

halloween laugh.gif


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