I’ve come across a confounding conundrum when it comes to a crucial component of my upcoming demogorgon creature costume.

To wit:

This post is brought to you by the letter ‘C…RIPES ON A CRACKER GET IT AWAY’

How the heck am I going to make all those teeth??

I’ve got a couple of challenges here. I need something inexpensive, lightweight, flexible (for safety purposes), and ideally slightly translucent. As you can see (or maybe you want to un-see), this critter is more of a crazed carboniferous cycad than a conventional cretaceous or canine carnivore.  The demogorgon certainly has a horrifying face-flower full of sharpness, but it’s not the same sharpness as, for instance, a t-rex or a wolf, and it needs it’s own unique tooth type to reflect that.

For contrast, I bet these don’t even look scary to you anymore:

(Quite honestly I’d been gathering pictures of cycads and star fish and shark jaws for comparison, trying to make a nice collage of images that convey the deep-sea alien creepiness that is the maw of the demogorgon … but then I realized that one can just google ‘leatherback turtle throat’ and get exactly that effect TIMES A HUNDRED. Kindly, I won’t ambush you with an actual picture of it. If you’re adventurous enough to go ahead and google it anyway, you’ve been warned. Apparently a diet of nothing but jellyfish necessitates an actual portal to hell in your gullet. Whodathunkit.)

So. A spiny-mouthed floral-monster-from-the-depths look is what I’m going for, but that’s not the tooth type that’s generally available. Another facet of this problem is that I’m quite, quite poor and I would like to do this whole project as cleverly and as cheaply as possible. There is indeed a cornucopia of well made canines and carnassials for costumes on sale out there, often by consummate and creative cosplayers who are incredibly committed to their craft. For instance, RedNebulaCosplay. Unhelpfully for me, however, most of these would not be a suitable shape, and since I need, like, a hundred of them, they would also be too costly.

What’s a girl to do?

The answer is, rummage around in your drawers and get out your hot glue gun!

How to make infinite monster teeth with a glue gun

What you’ll need:
-Hot glue gun of your choice
-Lots of glue sticks in your desired colour/translucency 
-Baking parchment paper

  • After removing the feathers stuck to your glue gun from the last ill-advised fiasco, set yourself up in a comfy spot with a flat surface and lay down some baking parchment. I don’t recommend wax paper, since it will melt. I’d also say use a low temperature gun, since we’re not actually glueing anything together here and fewer burns is better.
  • Goop out a ‘T’ shape for each tooth. You can adjust the width of the tooth by doing a wider or narrower zig zag shape at the base. You also can adjust the thickness of the tooth by tilting the tip of the gun more or less perpendicular to your surface – more straight up and down gives you thinner teeth, more horizontal gives you thicker teeth. You can also add a curve to your teeth if you like. Anything goes!


  • Don’t worry about how blobby the edges are, since you will trim those off later. I also don’t recommend doing one pass and then going back and doing another to make a tooth thicker. Do it all at once if possible, otherwise your tooth will have weird ridges where the two layers meet.
  • Let the teeth cool. Leave them for a whole day or two to get rid of any lingering tackiness. Go out and catch a movie or something, I dunno.
  • Peel your cooled ‘T’s off the parchment and use your scissors to cut them into your desired toothy shape. This can be a bit tedious, but if you get into a groove while you watch something fun or listen to a podcast, it’ll go by quick. This is the price of DIY budget monster teeth, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.


  • You can customize your teeth to whatever shape works best for your project. I left little edges on the bottoms of mine, since I will need something to use to anchor the teeth to the ‘gums’ of my terrifying floral-face.
  • Make as many batches as you need. Gather all your teeth into a bag or box and enjoy running your fingers through them like a creeper. They are now ready to use for all your monster making needs!

I’m quite, quite excited for this unexpectedly simple way to make infinite monster teeth in bulk. Although, I’m the kind of person that really does enjoy doing detailed menial tasks over and over again in a zen-like assembly line state of mind, so perhaps your enthusiasm won’t be quite so … enthusiastic.

I know it’s a small detail, but having a tooth type for my demogorgon that matches the source design more closely and which evokes its particular sketchy zoological neighbourhood on the tree of life is important. If the teeth weren’t quite right, then the feel of the whole thing could be thrown off; internet photo edits have shown us exactly how incongruous the right head with the wrong teeth can be.



So yeah. That’s my cheap way to make tons of evil-looking fish-horror-from-the-deep teeth. I will make a bag of them, and then I will put the whole thing on my face for Halloween. Now you can too!

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