ESL tutor by day, ineffective creative type by night

  • Linguistics and Japanese Language Degree
  • Sort-of artist and occasional costumer
  • Amateur cellist, former taiko drummer, and total newb composer
  • Anxious, narcoleptic, and sometimes straight up depressed. But enthusiastic!
  • Delusions of writing grandeur
  • Lots of interdisciplinary dance training
  • Lapsed neo-pagan
  • I know a lot about movies and dinosaurs
  • I tried to start my own religion in Elementary school that one time
  • I have way too many hobbies OK
  • Title of my future auto-biography: ‘Cried But Did The Thing Anyway’

Trying valiantly to make something out of the off-spillings of my brain—Gradually, in stages, piecemeal, bit by itty bitty bit. Just generally doing my best and getting things done really, really slowly. Being reliably creative is tough, my friends, so I want to share each minuscule, triumphant iota of progress and see what I can learn from it. Cumulatively, over time, it may cohere—coagulate?—into…something. Hopefully, it will be something to show for all the pretension and the putzing, the dabbling and the doodling, the straining and the striving, the cut up fingers and the staples in places that staples shouldn’t go. I want to build a DRAGON, damnit, but there’s only one way I think I can: Incrementally.